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music and direction: Massimo Giuntoli
sound and light system: Alberto Bich


The first edition of Théâtre et Lumières was staged in 2010.
From then on, Education and Culture Council of the Valle d’Aosta autonomous Region has commissioned Massimo Giuntoli to create three other different editions of this son et lumière, with music composed ad hoc and inspired by the architectural features of the Roman theatre of Aosta

The score - in its rhythm, melody and harmony - has been arranged so that the architecture and the music are perfectly in tune. The lighting effects - programmed by Massimo Giuntoli - and the score have also been carefully synchronised and the overall production is an invitation to review every detail of the impressive façade and an enhancement of its aesthetic value.


2013 edition of  Théâtre et Lumières was inspired by the famous “Le Sacre du printemps” di Igor Stravinskij, on the occasion of the centenary of the first performance of the ballet (Paris,May 29, 1913).

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