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photo by Michele Boffilo

Massimo Giuntoli  

piano, keyboards, voice

Shortly after “PIE GLUE! - singing the beat generation”, once again Massimo Giuntoli is exploring the complex relationship between music and lyrics, with ODD SONGS, a solo-performance turning into a non-stop sequence made of no-word-songs, nonsense lyrics and sound-neologisms.
Besides including poems (by Giuntoli himself as well as by pretty different poets - among them the ageless Emily Dickinson's verse)  and  prose excerpts, thus creating a repertoire constantly in progress of really odd songs.


The project originates from English expression “fol de rol”, which curiously numbers illustrious names - within so called Canterbury Scene, with its usual ironic and surrealistic style -  such as Robert Wyatt, Richard Sinclair, Dave Stewart, Pip Pyle and Daevid Allen, whose winking planet Gong orbits around the unlikely sound cosmos of ODD SONGS.

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