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Massimo Giuntoli

All music composed and performed by Massimo Giuntoli
Recorded at Somewhere Studio
Piano: Yamaha AvantGrand
Mixed and mastered by Diego Bergamini
1. Child Fish Adventure                  
2. Never Been To Greenland               
3. Wobbling                   
4. A Morning Clockwalk With Man Ray
5. Dreamy Waiter        
6. Quick Look Inside      
7. Piano Suite          
8. Sorry, It's Me Again

Thanks to
Dante Galletta, Marvin Allen Wolfthal, Raffaele Volpe, Gianni Iannantuoni, Luca Pissavini, Diego Bergamini, Jonathan Coe, Alessandro Achilli, Roberto Zanisi, Esther Flückiger, Fernando, Severina, Emanuela, Jack.

© Massimo Giuntoli 2016

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